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Parents and Spectators - KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

Jul 15, 2011

We welcome the support of parents and family members who bring the kids out to events. Without their support, obviously it would be difficult for players to get to the tournaments. However, there are good reasons we have a policy that parents and spectators stay 30 yards away from the competitors AT ALL TIMES. Assistance in searching for lost golf balls is acceptable, but we ask that there be no conversations with any of the competitors during the rounds. In Carstairs this week, parental interference led to the disqualification of a player, when a perhaps well meaning, but obviously ill-formed parent told a player ( not his son but one of the other players in the group) that it was acceptable for him to drop a ball in play rather than return to the tee and put another ball in play after the players were unable to find the competitor's golf ball. I know that many of these youngsters are not yet fully knowledgeable about the Rules of Golf, but this is supposed to be a learning experience for them. It is the responsibility of all players in any tournament at any level to know the Rules. If they make a mistake on their own during a round, and end up suffering the consequences, so be it. They will learn from that and grow. But having parents and spectators interfering, no matter how good their intentions, is unacceptable. So, when we come up to you at events and ask you to stay back and let the kids play without distractions or interference, this is why.

Handicap Verifications!!! Please READ this!

Jul 15, 2011

With the meat of the Tour schedule coming up over the next month, this is a good time to remind players that it is their responsibility to provide up to date evidence of their handicaps at tournaments. Many Tour sites will be insisting on up to date handicap verifications for players to be eligible for net score prizes. Print off an up to date handicap verification and bring it with you to events!!!

Srixon Order Of Merit Updated Through Lacombe

Jul 14, 2011

The 2011 Srixon Order of Merit standings have been updated up to and including yesterday's tournament in Lacombe. The early trend this year in most of the age groups seems to be one of balance, as for example, there have been seven different winners of the age group for boys born in 1992-94 through seven events. Every age group is tightly bunched in the race for both bragging rights and very nice bags from Srixon/ Cleveland Golf for the season-long champions. There are several events coming up in the next two weeks at which to earn ranking points, so pick out some events on the schedule, and come out to compete!

Entry Information for Next Week!

Jul 14, 2011

Click on the link above to get full details about the four events on Tour next week in Central Alberta. More »

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jul 14, 2011

With Tour events right now in full swing for the summer, I am still getting emails and phone calls from kids and parents about the Tour: 'how do I sign up?', 'what does it cost to join the Tour?' , 'what age do you have to be?'...etc etc. See the FAQ icon on the Home Page of the Tour website? Look in the upper right hand corner of the Tour home page. Please just click on the FAQ section and read the contents. It's ALL in there,,,thanks,,,Dunc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page will get you all the information you need.

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The 2019 season will be the twenty-fourth for the McLennan Ross Junior Golf Tour. The Tour is organized through the offices of ev+ AGENCY in Edmonton. ev+ AGENCY is a full service advertising and marketing agency with an extensive background in the golf industry in Alberta.

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The McLennan Ross Junior Golf Tour takes great pride in the quality of its competitors, its host facilities, and the support provided by our Corporate Partners. The efforts of the administrative staff and the volunteers that go into making the Tour so successful demand a very high standard of behavior and decorum from the competitors. We have therefore developed a formal Code of Coduct modeled on that of Alberta Golf that provides a set of guidelines for the young men and women that wish to compete in McLennan Ross Junior Golf Tour events.